White Black Colour

“You cannot shock the public, there’s too much repetition in the visual sensation. The public shock will come of something completely different”
– Marcel Duchamp

We believe that it is in the combination of different forms of expression that new things are created. “White Black Colour” is the second full length skateboard video from Poetic Collective, divided into three chapters, the video explores different moods and aesthetics.

Throughout the video we hear the voice of Marcel Duchamp. Being at the forefront of the Dadaist movement he talks about using ready made object to create art, about the idea of movement and how anything can be beautiful.

Filmed from March until September, the video premiered 28th November 2015 at the museum of modern art (Moderna Museet) in Malmö, Sweden along with the “Movement” collection of boards. The following weeks it had two more premieres, first at the University of Fine Arts in Gothenburg and finally at the Klarabiografen cinema at Sergels Torg in central Stockholm.

The video is shot at various locations including Malmö, Berlin, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo and Copenhagen.